Through the 19th century, urban planning became a more important need. The combination of the tradition of landscape gardening and emerging city planning that gave Landscape Architecture its unique focus to serve these needs. In the second half of the century, Frederick Law Olmsted completed a series of parks which continue to have a huge influence on the practices of Landscape Architecture today. Among these were Central Park in New York City, Prospect Park in Brooklyn, New York and Boston’s Emerald Necklace park system. Jens Jensen designed sophisticated and naturalistic urban and regional parks for Chicago, Illinois, and private estates for the Ford family including Fair Lane and Gaukler Point. One of the original ten founding members of the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA), and the only woman, was Beatrix Farrand. She was design consultant for over a dozen universities including: Princeton in Princeton, New Jersey; Yale in New Haven, Connecticut; and the Arnold Arboretum for Harvard in Boston, Massachusetts. Her numerous private estate projects include the landmark Dumbarton Oaks in the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington, D.C.. Since that time, other architects —most notably Ruth Havey and Alden Hopkins—changed certain elements of the Farrand design.

While we may no longer have the opportunity for gardens of the grand design, we can still be effecitve gardeners on a smaller scale – a much smaller scale, that is, containers on your patio or balcony, or even indoor container gardens.

Container gardens will help the people you love to spend their free time caring for plants indoor during bad weather. So, you should not hesitate to select this container gardens or the gardening supplies as gifts for some of your friends. It will surely give a positive feedback on your end. It is better to give something that people will greatly appreciate. So, as long as you give it to people as presents and those people love plants, your effort will give better result.

If you have many friends doing this type of activity, you can make them happier if you gave them some gardening supplies they will use in their garden. They will surely appreciate your thought since you value what they are doing. The moment you gave them the gardening supplies they need, they know that you acknowledge the significance of the things they are doing and that you are happy for them.

With careful planning, the average conatainer gardener in most gardening zones in the United States can grow fresh, organic vegetables throughout the seasons. The early spring garden is similar to the fall garden, but with some key differences. Like fall gardening, the early spring garden receives cool to warm daytime temperatures and cool to cold night temperatures. But unlike the fall garden, the days grow warmer and the sunlight hours longer as the days progress. Another key difference is that the ground is cold to start with when planting vegetable seeds or plants in the spring; in the fall, plants get a faster start because the ground is already warm from the summer sun. In most parts of the country, however, you can grow similar vegetable crops. Plan now for a bountiful harvest this spring. With a container garden you can ‘control the seasons’ by moving the containers indoors or outdoors to achieve the seasonal changes described here. This may allow you to have out of season goodies in your container gardens.

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