How To Be Healthy, Happy and Super Human with Chris Ashenden of Athletic Greens


You want to eat healthy, but you don’t know where to start. There is so much advice about healthy eating, that after reading all of it you feel overwhelmed and mull on over to the fridge for that last slice of pie.

We get it. So this week we brought on Chris “The Kiwi” Ashenden, founder of Athletic Greens, to talk health, happiness, and building a lifestyle business. Chris is a world traveler and “international citizen” who’s health products have won recognition from legends like Tim Ferriss.

He takes us through the culture of his lifestyle business, and how we all can increase our happiness through simple actionable adjustments in our everyday lives. We dive into the big questions around health, what to avoid, and what to do to really become super human.

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“Do what makes you happy and do it in a manner that makes you happy”

“You can change your happiness and your state by adjusting you physiology”

“Culture is always a fundamentally important part of business”

“The biggest hindrances to success in business are picking the right playing field and having the right people on your team”

“Start by doing experimental travel”

“I’m now driven by a sense of freedom and figuring out what I’m passionate about”

“I see events that I go to on a cost per lead for a friend basis”

“Make every meal a sequence of whole foods”

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